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The ECSA Group is a fourth generation family firm.

The Group includes the ECSA Chemicals, ECSA Maintenance and ECSA Energy with headquarters based in Balerna (Ticino) and Flawil (St. Gallen), the sister company ECSA Italia based in Desio (Milan), Porta Ticino Easy Stop SA, Stalvedro Easy Stop SA and Suncolor SA.

Since 1913 the Group has been involved in international trading and distribution in the RAW MATERIALS, ENERGY and MAINTENANCE SYSTEMS sectors.


ECSA Chemicals PictogramECSA Chemicals AG - ECSA Italia SRL Società con Unico Socio

Trading of chemical products and raw materials.  The sector is active in the distribution & trading of chemical specialties and commodities in Switzerland and Europe and in the distribution of basic chemistry products (acids, bases and solvents) in Canton Ticino and in eastern Switzerland. The industrial segments served are: Basic Chemistry, Flavours & Fragrances; Cosmetics; Pharmaceuticals; Food & Animal Feeds; Reagents; Detergents; Colours & Paints; Textiles & Synthetics; Metal & Galvanic Treatment and Water Treatment.


ECSA Maintenance PictogramECSA Maintenance AG

The sector is active in the sale in Switzerland of the product categories listed below: Lubricants (representative of Castrol in the Industry & Heavy Duty sector), Injury Prevention (PPE - Personal Protective Equipment), Safety courses, Instruments and Equipment, Detergents, AdBlue, Hazardous Waste Disposal and Surface Treatment.


ECSA Energy PictogramECSA Energy SA

Distribution of petroleum products & management of petrol stations in Switzerland.  The sector is active in the supply of fuels of various types (Gasoline, Naphtha, Diesel, Petrol) to petrol stations and to production businesses and private customers in Canton Ticino. The sector also manages its own network of petrol stations with the BP brand and the two motorway areas in Coldrerio.


Easy Stop PictogramPorta Ticino Easy Stop SA

After winning the thirty-year contract for the two service areas in Coldrerio, ECSA Energy has developed the Easy Stop concept. Easy Stop is a simple, quick and international stop aimed at satisfying the needs of people of all ages. The concept, which was created for high-flow areas, must now be industrialised.


ECSA Chemicals AG
Burgauerstrasse 17
CH-9230 Flawil (Switzerland)

Via Luigi Favre 16
CH-6828 Balerna (Switzerland) 

T. +41582119100


ECSA Maintenance AG
Burgauerstrasse 17 
CH-9230 Flawil (Switzerland)

Via Luigi Favre 16 
CH-6828 Balerna (Switzerland)

T. +41582119300


Suncolor SA
Via d'Argine 1 
CH-6930 Bedano (Switzerland)

T. +41919455038


ECSA Energy SA
Via Luigi Favre 16 
CH-6828 Balerna (Switzerland)

T. +41582119500


con Unico Socio
Via Lavoratori Autobianchi 1 
I-20832 Desio (MB) - Italy
(Stabile n. 15 - Polo Tecnologico della Brianza)

T. +39 0362 625 421

P.IVA IT00222470130

Codice destinatario: C1QQYZR

Porta Ticino Easy Stop SA
Via San Giorgio 37
CH-6877 Coldrerio

T. +41582119910


Stalvedro Easy Stop SA
Stalvedro 4, CH-6780 Airolo

T. +41582119950


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