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In September 2013 ECSA celebrates the 100th anniversary!

100 years upon its constitution, the ECSA Group, composed by Emanuele Centonze Holding SA, “SA Emanuele Centonze”, “ECSA Italia Srl” and “Porta Ticino Easy Stop SA”, works on chemical and oil products distribution, international trading and maintenance systems supply. With 326 million CHF of sales volume in 2012 and more than 15'000 active clients, actually employes more than 240 people. ECSA is the greatest swiss chemical distributor and one of the 3 greatest swiss oil suppliers.

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Past Events

18/19 April - Balerna
Collective Assembly of "chemical dealers"committee of Scienceindustries in Ticino, Balerna

18-19 april 2013 - scienceindustries at ECSA Centonze_01 18-19 april 2013 - scienceindustries at ECSA Centonze_02 18-19 april 2013 - scienceindustries at ECSA Centonze_03 18-19 april 2013 - scienceindustries at ECSA Centonze_04


27 June
Nomination of Emanuele Centonze as a member of Scienceindustries steering committee


8 July - Coldrerio
Opening of the motorway service area of Coldrerio South-North


31 August - Chiasso
ECSA employees celebration of the 100th anniversary, Chiasso


ECSA-Emanuele-Centonze-SA-festa-centenario-dipendenti-01 ECSA-Emanuele-Centonze-SA-festa-centenario-dipendenti-02 ECSA-Emanuele-Centonze-SA-festa-centenario-dipendenti-03 ECSA-Emanuele-Centonze-SA-festa-centenario-dipendenti-04


5/6 September - Lugano
Scienceindustries Assembly in Ticino, Lugano

Dr. Christoph Mäder Introduces Scienceindustries to the members of Pharma Industry Ticino, during the general assembly.

ECSA-Emanuele-Centonze-SA-2013.09-06-05-Direttorio-Scienceindustries-01 ECSA-Emanuele-Centonze-SA-2013.09-06-05-Direttorio-Scienceindustries-02 ECSA-Emanuele-Centonze-SA-2013.09-06-05-Direttorio-Scienceindustries-03 ECSA-Emanuele-Centonze-SA-2013.09-06-05-Direttorio-Scienceindustries-04


Come out book "ECSA 1913-2013 - Storia di una scommessa che si rinnova"


20 September - Mendrisio
100th anniversary ECSA Centonze

ECSA-Emanuele-Centonze-SA-Festa-100anni-clienti-fornitori-01 ECSA-Emanuele-Centonze-SA-Festa-100anni-clienti-fornitori-02 ECSA-Emanuele-Centonze-SA-Festa-100anni-clienti-fornitori-03 ECSA-Emanuele-Centonze-SA-Festa-100anni-clienti-fornitori-04
ECSA-Emanuele-Centonze-SA-Festa-100anni-clienti-fornitori-05 ECSA-Emanuele-Centonze-SA-Festa-100anni-clienti-fornitori-06 ECSA-Emanuele-Centonze-SA-Festa-100anni-clienti-fornitori-07 ECSA-Emanuele-Centonze-SA-Festa-100anni-clienti-fornitori-08

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We suggest you to read our company history and take a look to a gallery that shows the evolution of our advertising activities.

ECSA Chemicals AG
Burgauerstrasse 17
CH-9230 Flawil (Switzerland)

Via Luigi Favre 16
CH-6828 Balerna (Switzerland) 

T. +41582119100
F. +41582119101

ECSA Maintenance AG
Burgauerstrasse 17 
CH-9230 Flawil (Switzerland)

Via Luigi Favre 16 
CH-6828 Balerna (Switzerland)

T. +41582119300
F. +41582119301

ECSA Energy SA
Via Luigi Favre 16 
CH-6828 Balerna (Switzerland)
T. +41582119500
F. +41582119501

con Unico Socio
Via Lavoratori Autobianchi 1 
I-20832 Desio (MB)
(Stabile n. 15 - Polo Tecnologico della Brianza)
T: +39 0362 625 421
F: +39 0362 304 361
P.IVA IT00222470130

Porta Ticino Easy Stop SA
Via San Giorgio 37
CH-6877 Coldrerio
T. +41582119910
F. +41582119911

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