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WORLD: Widespread economic recovery and moderate inflation

According to the International Monetary Fund (FMI), the global product should increase by 3,5% this year (’16: 3.2%). The growth rate of 5.9% expected for the world trade corresponds with the maximum since 2011 and it is close to the yearly average of 6.3% reached between 1990 and 2007. In the traditional industrial countries, the households’ consumption and the upturn in investments sustain the economic growth that translates into increase in employment rate. Overcapacities and structural changes in the labour market slow down the development of
salaries and prices. If gradually introduced, the next probable monetary tightening of the western central banks should not create financial tensions and macroeconomic problems for the emerging countries. Higher energy prices cause a recovery of the inflation even if the core inflation rate development is moderate. The increase of the crude oil price (July ’17: 52 $/barrel Brent) since last year triggers an economic boosting in the oil export countries. The cut of the daily extraction of 1,8 million barrels fixed by the OPEC in January missed, so far, the objectives of a strong decrease of the oil reserves in the OECD member countries and of its price support. The level of reserves in these countries, still high, should keep the oil price at about 50 $/barrel Brent in the 2nd semester.

September 2017

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